Born in the Bronx, New York but raised in the Caribbean for my whole life, I was introduced to art through my older sister. Growing up, mainly all I knew was art. Aside from the stereotypical mindset of children wanting to be a doctor, or a lawyer or any of those mainstream jobs, I knew at a very young age that this was something that would always be a part of my life.

Winosha Steele


My art journey evolved as I began to take art more seriously, I got the opportunity to be mentored under some of the most amazing professors and instructors that assisted greatly in molding me to become the woman and the artist I am today. I first began to take my art career to the next level in the tenth grade. My earlier years were filled with bliss and creative adrenaline.

Now, my vision as an artist is to expand my artistic horizon where I as an individual is concerned, where my race is concerned and where my tiny country of Antigua can be acknowledged. My inspiration is driven by the constant longing of being heard. Heard through any form or topic of art that I wish to portray. My motivation being this black woman from a small island, is to use these hands and mind that were given to me, to force the viewer to notice me and capture whatever my art will convey.

My preferred medium to work with is oil paint because it’s a medium that can easily be manipulated. I also respond to the ease of working with it and the slow drying process. My process with a piece varies, varies on the day, on the subject and on the material. Usually, I work with an oil wipe out technique, but on any given day, I am open to doing something completely new.

I am at what I consider to be my final stretch in my artistic academic occupation, three more years before I am where I want to be. My aspiration to become a teacher is something that I not only developed from my mentors but from my family. I want to be able to share with others a gift that was given to me through the best thing in existence, Art.

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