Madeleine Wood

Atlanta, USA

My pen naturally gravitates to the form of the black woman. Our shapes, the way our lips are formed, our hair that reaches for the sun, our skin and the way it glistens – my eye, my brush naturally wants to paint that. It is so intricately designed, with so many twists and curves and shapes – so much expression in both our physical form and in our soul and my art reflects this through my layering of color, patterns and shapes.

My name is Madeleine Wood and I am a visual and performing artist from Atlanta, GA. I am a firm believer in the idea that art is the breath of the soul and I find myself breathing through many different media and inspirations to grow my understanding of the world and to help provide the world with a better understanding of itself.


During my time in New York, I combined my entrepreneurial spirit, artistic education and thespian background to create designs for a number of brands large and small alike, as well as to develop a showcase for young emerging artists, called Platform. I continue to use my art as a vehicle to become my highest self and to continue finding my voice, while inspiring others to do the same.

I earned my BA in Fine Arts from Spelman College. It was in my time at Spelman that I learned the importance of building myself as a free-thinking black woman as well as making art that allows other black women feel seen and heard. I went on to graduate from William Esper Studio in New York.


I am currently based in Atlanta, where I create custom logo designs, paintings, children’s book illustrations, portraits, murals, album covers and more.