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Gretl Zeegelaar

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I loved watching cartoons growing up. I enjoyed some of the stories and plots so much that I could talk about it all day. I remember watching my favorite shows, the ones with a diverse cast like; Kids next door, Winx club, Avatar the Last Airbender, and WITCH. These cartoons triggered my young creative mind to draw too. Soon I started drawing comics and writing stories. However, somehow I drew characters who didn't resemble me.

Most shows I grew up with didn't represent many other cultures. Some character designs of these shows were overrepresented, causing me to draw these designs more. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching these cartoons, but somehow I kept drawing my characters as blondes or brunettes. Eventually, when I grew older, I then realized that my characters did not have much diversity. I soon wanted to show the beauty of different cultures. My comics now have characters with more variety.

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I like to draw, but photography, storytelling, and crafting are things I enjoy doing too. Photography is my favorite thing when I am not drawing. It gives me the chance to travel a bit and to get a glimpse of the beauty of this world. When doing photography, I am looking at the world differently. I enjoy taking pictures of the canals in Amsterdam, my hometown. But I travel to Utrecht, Leiden, and Nijmegen too. As a student in the Netherlands, I can move for free with public transport. The more reason for me to travel and take pictures!


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