Jelena Morgan


Hello! My name is Jelena Morgan, I’m from Jamaica

My passion for creating started at a very young age and has been a constant part of my life since. Heavily inspired by the beauty of black culture, I create art mainly for black persons of color while still spreading and encouraging love, peace, confidence and positivity to all.


You can catch me dancing to the latest Afrobeats song or binge-watching random YouTube videos when I’m not deeply engrossed with art illustrations!
Growing up, it has been my dream to be that ray of hope to any ill patient that comes my way, at the same time, I have always loved creating art that can heal and speak to others.

I want to be living proof that you can be busy as a Medical professional and still be a creative individual; that you can find balance in the busy.


I hope to save lives in both ways!

Princella 7.JPG