Chissola Da Conceicao

London, UK

My name is Chissola and I am a 19-year-old emerging artist from East London that is currently finding her own style. I mainly get inspiration from African art and figures and always implement intricate detail in my pieces.

Despite my creativity, I have always had an interest in sports and academia. I was a competitive swimmer for my local swimming club and I am going to university to study Geography with the hopes of exploring Sustainable Development in the Global South. 

 East London has always played an active role in promoting art, so I have always been exposed to local exhibitions that I would take part in between the ages of 8-13 when I was part of my local art club – Inky Cuttlefish.

Whilst the pandemic forced everyone to quarantine and find a way to entertain themselves, I used this time to get back into art and started my art page @artewith6 in May 2020. With this platform, I hope to share my work with the world and connect with other artists as I explore different techniques and mediums.

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