Cheyenne Harleaux

New Jersey,


Hi, my name is Cheyenne Harleaux. I'm a 26-year-old New Jersey-based artist, and I’ve been refining my skills since 2015. With the desire to create art since I was 4, I’ve graduated over time from sketches in pencil to digital illustrations. Having no formal training in art, I strive to include the many shades of black women and the magic that they hold.

I’ve done several commissioned pieces during my art journey. One of the early highlights in my career was when the singer, songwriter “Syd” (formerly known as Syd tha Kid from the group The Internet) accepted one of my art pieces on stage at Syd’s concert. 

When I’m not fine-tuning my artwork of black women, I have fun cooking, watching movies, and taking care of my plants and hanging out with my cat Eros.

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