aBAD Collections

Hustle and Thrive Together 

Our black artists have come together to create these curated collections for you.


Each purchase supports the artist, and a portion of our profits will go to a cause that empowers black people worldwide 


The "G.O.A.T.S" collection features black people who have earned the "Greatest Of All Time" title through their talent, philanthropy, strength, and more. Your favorites will surely be part of this collection!


Our "Black Girl Magic" Collection is a celebration of black women everywhere. Designed solely by black women, it aims to showcase the beauty and the talent that we all possess!


Abyssinia (1).png

Our "Black King" Collection's sole purpose is to display the best of our black men. The Beauty, the Grace, the Resilience is evident in each piece in our collection. Show your black pride in these unique products!

Our "Black Lives Matter" Collection is a testament of the times. Art is form of expression, and this collection is a true embodiment of that. Don't miss out on these one of a kind pieces! 


Our "Abyssinia" Collection is a tribute to East African culture. Straight from the motherland, these pieces showcase the culture and will surely remind some of home.